Samsung Sound Assistant app control sound on your device

Samsung Sound Assistant

Samsung Sound Assistant has a bigger focus on audio than any previous Samsung flagships

The Galaxy S8 has a bigger attention on audio than any previous Samsung flagships. The speaker receives pretty loud, nice AKG earphones come inside the container, and the onboard Bluetooth 5.0 enables capabilities including dual Audio (the capacity to stream to 2 Bluetooth gadgets simultaneously). consistent with this subject matter, Samsung has simply posted a Samsung Sound Assistant app on the Play store for Samsung devices walking Android 7.0 Nougat+. it’s quite cool.

The first alternative you’ll see is ‘situations.’ If I don’t forget effectively, LG has a completely similar thing constructed into their UI. basically, scenarios permits you to personalize your cellphone’s sound depending on what time range you pick. with the aid of default, you will see ‘home,’ ‘work,’ and ‘Sleep.’ you can tweak the name, the times, the precise time variety, and what you would adore it to do at that time. for example, you can have your telephone routinely transfer to vibrate mode and disable media extent whilst you get to work. depending in your day by day agenda, this could be very accessible.

Samsung Sound Assistant

Shifting down the listing, ‘Floating Button’ is the next feature. essentially, this allows you to excellent-tune your sound while not having to open the app whenever. in case you allow this, a small floating button will seem on the left side of your screen (you could rearrange it). Press it, and you will be able to tweak your extent intricately in a selection from zero to a hundred and fifty. when you have an app presently gambling sound, you can adjust that as well. There are  buttons that seem on the top proper of the prompt; the left one opens a popup of the ‘Sound best and outcomes’ section in settings, and the proper one opens Samsung Sound Assistant. For any such tiny button, you may do lots with it.

The next choice is ‘manage media volume,’ which allows you to select in case you’d like your extent rocker to adjust your ringtone extent or media extent by default. i’m seeing lots of humans hyped to see this, but after checking several Galaxy S8s, I found out that this feature got here inventory (Settings -> Sounds and Vibration -> Default volume key control). however, this wasn’t the case with preceding Galaxy devices, so this can nevertheless be a good reason to down load Samsung Sound Assistant.

Samsung Sound Assistant

Individual app volumes is pretty self-explanatory; in case you’d formerly tuned the quantity for a selected app, you can both regulate it here, or take away the custom putting altogether. this selection is probably high-quality when you have a sport or song app which you want to hear the sound from, but the default is simply too loud. beneath ‘manipulate Audio,’ ‘twin app sound’ lets in you to play audio from two apps at the same time, and ‘constantly play using smartphone’ lets you pick out unique apps to most effective play through the smartphone’s speaker. it appears that evidently each of these features are depending on what tool you have.

The ultimate  alternatives also are smooth to decipher. ‘Mono audio’ will transfer the sound from stereo to mono (in Samsung Sound Assistant), which means that that in case you’re handiest the usage of one earphone, you may still be able to hear the whole lot. And ‘Left and right sound stability’ lets you choose what number of the sound goes to which ear.


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