Windows 10: upgrade becomes more insistent in 2016

You know I said some users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 were practically forced to upgrade to Windows 10. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything on this subject, but I learned that next year’s upgrade to Windows 10It will be categorized as a recommended update.


Yes, now get the upgrade, Windows Update, in the “Optional”. The next year, the desire to reach the 1 billion users, Microsoft will change the location of the upgrade in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in tab “Recommended”. Basically, if you are not careful, you could end up with Windows 10 after two clicks. Or overnight.

However, Microsoft says it will opt to not install Windows 10 and users will no longer be stressful dedicated message. It remains to be seen whether it will be really. Otherwise, the company makes all these movements under the pretext of trying to make the upgrade easier to do for everyone.

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