What is ROOT and Why did you do it to your Phone?


What is ROOT ?

We all hear here and there that one and another and ROOT-at-a smartphone with Android and now can do just what he wants. Indeed, the root of your phone is basically a door that allows you to do almost everything you want with your phone, with full freedom.

Of course, to your phone root in some cases it is easier, sometimes harder, and if you do not know how to do, you can very easily screw it and you break it. What does “bricked”? Okay, so in short, your phone will die. But about this, unbrick techniques and tricks in a later article.

Let’s go back to rooting. Root software lets you do pretty much whatever you want with your phone to install an operating system officially to install one custom, which is done by developers passionate on overclocking, increasing the internal memory, RAM, and more more stuff.

Once you’ve rooted your phone, you’ll find so-called application superuser.

What exactly does this Superuser? Well, with it you can install certain applications that require superuser privileges. Ok, do not install directly with it. It is only a kind of “key” that lets you “play” with Android. Once you root your phone, you can change the lockscreen to change even a part of the interface.

However, it is important that you should know this: Did you root your phone, you instantly lose the guarantee. So developers have left us no way. And now there are unrooting programs. (Same as unbricking).

What are the advantages and disadvantages to this operation called ROOT?

PRO Rooting:

  • You have total freedom;
    You can do just about anything you want with your phone, up to;
    You can change the factory settings;
    You can increase memory and / or RAM

CON Rooting:

  • Loss of of the guarantee
    The risk of Brick smartphone;

It’s important to know that:

Overclocking phone at a frequency too high can fry instantly. The battery will over heat and the phone will have less autonomy.
A custom ROM will likely decrease battery life time. That’s probably why some phones not receive updates to the latest versions.
Superuser app does not slow down the device does not it accelerates the response speed does not reduce life. It’s just another application, but it does quite a lot.

My opinion: Root your phone only if you want some more options. The manufacturer will not give you total control until the root of the device. Unless you desperately need, DO NOT ROOT.

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1 Comment

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