What happens to an iPhone 6S sank in Coca Cola

Have you thought about what happens if you pour Coca-Cola over an iPhone 6S? Answer this question you will find the video below.

User “adrianisen” uploaded on his YouTube account showing how a movie made experiment.

He used an iPhone 6S Plus, he put in a pot, then poured juice.

The phone was left in the liquid for more than 3 minutes.

The good news is that the smartphone came out unscathed from this experiment. Most likely, the technology that makes it resistant to water works for Coca-Cola.

Consequently, those who pour juice over this device can rest assured.

On the Internet there are some extreme experiments involving an iPhone 6S. For example, a man from the United States bromine poured over Apple’s smartphone, the substance is very reactive terminal exploded.

Moreover, a user wanted to see what happens when you throw an iPhone into a volcano and another to a boil in Coca-Cola.

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