There is no connection between cancer and mobile phones

Results of a new study: ” There is no connection between cancer and mobile phones’

The researchers behind the study have studied for three decades, gathering data between 1982 and 2013.

This research study took longer than usual because he tried to answer the question if wireless phones are healthy or unhealthy.

As reported by Chris Mills from Gizmodo in the study was a slight increase in cancer rates in men, but women were also recorded increases.

“We have not detected any increase in the incidence of brain cancer compared with the strong growth of mobile phone use,” write the researchers report in the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

Although it was observed an increase in rates of cancer exponents aged between 70 and 84 years, during the time in question, it is important to emphasize that the disease has begun to develop before exponents begin to use mobile mobile.

A total of 19 858 cases were examined men and 14.222 women. The statistics used by researchers in this study show that using a mobile phone in Australia began in 1987 and has grown by over 90 percent in the last 29 years.

According to principal investigator, Simon Chapman, extended monitoring period allows researchers to be more certain of the findings and say that there is a “period of delay” between an increased use smartphoane sites and increased cancer rates.

“If there was a relationship between these two elements we are sure that we see some signs,” said Simon Chapman.

Scientists have pointed out that need to be considered multiple variables and influences on our lifestyle and the need for more research to fully understand the impact of these gadgets on the bodies and minds.

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