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I do not know how popular are comic books, but I came across a graphic novel that aroused my interest. Graphic novel, I like the sound, as if a book for men. But why talk nonsense, comics are for all ages. Modern Polaxis is a comic book that comes along with an augmented reality app.

Today Latest Technology today latest technology updates. Polaxis is the name of the protagonist, and the book should be a diary of it. Polaxis is a time traveler, and in his diary he notes all the adventures that passes. The premise of this book is departing rather interesting. This character named Polaxis lives under the impression that we are holographic projections. A sort of conspiracy theory that tries to undo.

So far nothing no different from the rest of the comic, but everything changes when your phone out of your pocket. When you start your application, pass over these pages you will notice that the drawings come alive through all sorts of animations. I remember the guys at City Spin magazine is a magazine of such animals using augmented reality. That is why I have been very curious to see what it is.

Modern Polaxis costs 30 dollars, and can download the free application. The author has conducted a series of posters that can be animated with the help of the phone. Augmented reality only beginning to be explored, and this is a great example of the application of this technology. In what areas do you believe that augmented reality can apply? Today Latest Technology , today latest technology updates.


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