Ski Safari 2 – Unlimited Fun

Ski Safari 2 is a new game endless, that map is generated while you play.
All you have to do is jump over obstacles folosidu your power-ups to such as penguins, eagles or even the Yeti.

The player is threatened by an avalanche when mountain landscape and avoiding obstacles is vital to progress in the game. In this crazy race, he is entitled to one, two left-handers but if you persist in mistakes, avalanche will catch up.

The game consists of three different landscapes that you can play.
Penguin Peaks – is a snowy mountain landscape
Jurassic Lark – is an exotic island scenery
Twister Canyon – is a western landscape with desert and cacti
Penguin Peaks is the initial level and the other levels, you must collect coins as you unlock them.

The controls are very simple. Acceleration is automatic, all you have to do is touch the screen to jump scrutinized and when you need to maintain balance in air or avatar will catch falls and avalanche.
The soundtrack is very funny and entertaining, I think it fits perfectly with the style of play.

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