Several scientists presented Asgard, the first ” Space nation “


Several scientists presented Asgard, the first ” Space nation “

A group of scientists launched what they call a nation in space. Asgard ‘orbit will become a place that is a real no man’s land, “reads the official website designed to Asgard.

The new “nation” aims to launch its first satellite at the end of next year. Scientists Asgard founders hoped to be one day recognized by the UN. But some experts have questioned the viability of the plan, given that international law prohibits the pretense of national sovereignty in outer space.

“Citizens Asgardiei, which will be examined before admission will finally get passports,” says Lena De Winne, a senior member of the project team who worked for the European Space Agency for 15 years.

“Clearly it is difficult to accept the idea that you can be a citizen of a nation that can not set foot,” said the BBC Winne. “But I am a Dutch citizen and live in Paris now … There is nothing unusual about this idea, if you are a citizen of a country where you live and they do not go.”

The project is supported by the International Aerospace Research Center, a private company founded by Russian scientist and businessman Dr. Igor Ashurbeiyli. He joked with reporters in Paris at an event announcing the project. He said he would not be surprised if the media would label him as a “mad scientist” who says “total nonsense”.

Asgard is on the website show new nation, whose name comes from a town north celestial mythology, “will provide a platform independent, free of coercion laws of a country on Earth”. The group says that the space will open new opportunities for trade, science and “the people of all countries on earth.”

Contests were held to choose an anthem and a national flag model for Asgard.

Professor Sa’id Mosteshar, director of the Institute of Space Policy and Legislation in London, questions the idea that Asgard could be recognized under international law. “Outer Space Treaty, accepted by everyone, makes it clear that no part of outer space can not be appropriated by any state,” said Mosteshar. Since the Asgard will not be associated with an autonomous territory, and “citizens” will continue inhabitants of Earth, its prospects are weak recognition, added the professor.

The project is funded personally by Dr. Ashurbeiyli now, but the group of researchers announced that they will seek ways of “crowdfunding”. Already more than 50,000 people applied online to become “citizens”.

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