Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 – Android power 4: 3

There are many cheap tablets on the market, especially with Android. Even so, however, the iPad is selling well, although it is significantly more expensive. One reason is the screen format. 4: 3 is much better geared towards reading books, online journals or web pages. I know, you look at movies on it, but less.

The premium segment of Android tablets, especially those of 7-8 inches is still a delicate subject, that and because many prefer a smartphone with a large screen and so do not need to carry a tablet with them. So what I do for a while. 5.5 inches is enough for almost any activity, even for games. As Samsung S2 Galaxy Tab 8.0 we can say that something is better than last year’s model. It is an update in terms of appearance, the screen is back among the best, but has a minus. The battery is 20% or less. Given that is slightly faster and faster so consumed. Every 2-3 days will be a charge, unless you use it intensively for watching movies and gaming. Then it fully loaded same as your phone.

Otherwise I have nothing to reproach him. Even the price. In 2000 lei can purchase the version with 32 GB internal memory, a microSD card you can take up to 128 GB and enjoy the fastest connectivity. Even the 4G LTE for about 100 euros extra. Follow the review below and tell me, how does this tablet? Do you prefer yourself a big diagonal smartphone to take its place? Sure, There is still a 9.7-inch model, but if there’s another question.

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