Samsung explains, finally, why Galaxy Note 7 explodes

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Samsung explains, finally, why Galaxy Note 7 explodes

Launching Galaxy Note 7 was one of the most unlucky of Samsung in recent years. In theory, the phone is very good. In practice, do a great job of exploding.

It’s been a week since those from Samsung have officially announced that they will not sell phones Galaxy Note 7 for at least several weeks. Also announced will compensate individuals that turn phones into the store and try to convince them to be patient for a few days or weeks until they receive new gadgets in return.

Meanwhile, I learned about a hotel room that were created in 1400 dollars damage because of a Galaxy Note 7, which caught fire while being charged. A single father with two children in the United States, remained homeless unusual for the same reason. Yesterday, a Jeep Grand Cherokee caught fire in front of a house in just a few minutes after Samsung in question had been recharged.

The first speculation was that the blame should be battery from Grades 7, which, incidentally, is also produced by a subsidiary Samsung. But it was just rumors because company officials were not very transparent about this event. Fortunately, after pressure successive South Korean company officials gave a statement online publication BGR.

,, Based on our internal investigator, we discovered that it’s a problem with one of the battery cells. One of battery cells overheating when in contact with the anode battery cathode, a very rare case that occurs very rare due to an error in the production process. ”

This is far from the most detailed explanation or the technique, nor is it clear what would have occurred. If it was not obvious by now, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note just seven suffer from this problem.

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