Safety Tips for Driving With Kids by Chevrolet

Chevrolet’s safety tips carry you a number of simple but crucial protection suggestions for those critical instances whilst you’re on the street with your circle of relatives and loved ones.

We set out on trips each day. whether it is a avenue trip along with your circle of relatives or your each day experience as you drop your toddler to school, the vacation spot is usually our essential awareness. but, ever so frequently, the pressure takes a toll on us due to various external factors; be it rocky roads, different rash drivers, or horrible traffic situations. In situations like those we adore to go lower back to the longstanding adage, “Precaution is higher than treatment”.

With this pronouncing in thoughts, Chevrolet through their force with Care – defend your valuable marketing campaign, has added safety Ninjas who show pointers for maintaining your infants secure, despite any unfavourable conditions that you might face all through your force.

As a international emblem that considers protection as a priority, Chevrolet believes in selling secure riding habits among all. right here’s a look at the #ProtectYourPrecious marketing campaign wherein the logo takes a dive into the amusing but informative aspect of street protection with their protection Ninjas.


The Buckle Ninja makes sure your child travels in a car seat


This ninja prevents you from sporting your toddlers on the lap or arms at the same time as on the road, considering it can be risky at the same time as riding. Its major goal is to make certain that you in no way travel without a toddler Safety Tips seat.


A consistent and crucial reminder, the Lock Ninja reminds you to prompt your automobile’s toddler lock facility, so that it will make sure that your kids can not open the doorways while en path.

Join Chevrolet on this journey to safer roads by pledging to #ProtectYourPrecious here.

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