PAUSE – the box that, put the phone on break

PAUSE – the box that, put the phone on break

Who is dependent Telephone raise your hand up! Perhaps you did not raise your hand gave you feel somewhat cap fits, wear. Yes, we are somewhat mobile terminal paste called smartphones. When you looked last time a sunrise without you doing a selfie or a picture of your phone? When you talk with someone last more than 15 minutes without looking at your phone? Are issues that we face and the day, whether we realize it or not. And so it appeared Pause box that you put your break.

It is very simple. Just follow three steps carefully. One, to lift the box cover. Two, you put your phone in the box. Third, close the box lid. And ready’re offline! Pause box is actually a Faraday cage that will cut any of the phone signal. Your phone will not signal WIFI, GPS or mobile network as long as it is in a box. Effectively you will not receive calls, messages or other notifications. At the same time that is sufficiently voluminous to host six handsets.

If you think least, the following question arises. And if I put the phone in airplane mode and I deposit it somewhere, it’s not the same thing? Yes, it’s exactly the same thing, but apparently that does not work for everyone. At least that producers box company. They even encourage this habit for people who have enough strength to do it. In my opinion that box creates mental momentum that you need to give the phone for a few moments.

Pause box that you put the phone in pause is currently funded through Indiegogo platform. The price for the quality time you will spend with your family with fun phone is $ 40. What seems like a pretty decent price. I would have liked if they integrate a timer for blocking the box. For example you could lock box a minimum time of 20 minutes, during which you can not open the box. Then things become really interesting. Surely we will see this issue in a future release.

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