Orange Neva 80 – The cheapest Android 6.0

Orange Neva 80 – The cheapest Android 6.0

I have always recommended that you buy a smartphone with the latest version of Android. At least two generations, the update to the operating system matters more than likely some aspects of performance hardware. In short, the update from Android 5-6, the same phone makes it to move faster. Battery lasts longer, and almost no longer crashes. I tested this on top phones as well as some weaker models. All are faster after the update.

Orange Neva, I think is the first smartphone from a controller that comes with the new OS. At first glance it seems an iPhone 6, at least on the back cover. Inside is a ZTE. What interests it but you is how they behave. In my experience, very good even.

Without delay, without too many applications “bonus” from the operator, a good quality screen with high resolution, a battery large enough and well optimized to resist a full day of work, and more. In addition, it is even cheaper. 200 Euro other phone I do not know so well balanced that comes not only with the “promise an update to Android 6.0”.


What do you think? How important brand when choosing a phone with a low price? Wait your comment below.

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