Neither OS X systems are not immune to the threat of ransomware

OS X systems are not immune to the threat of ransomware

Discovered by Symantec specialists , a concept called Mabou malware confirms that systems are vulnerable to OS X ransomware type threats, which until now were risk exposed Windows systems only. Arriving in the wrong hands, the new malware could be used to develop a functional ransomware crypto devices with OS X operating system, according to Symantec researchers.

Ransomware attacks blocks access to the infected computer by encrypting files and prompts the user to pay various sums of money to get control equipment.

Nici sistemele OS X nu sunt imune la ameninţările cu ransomware

Currently at the stage of concept malware Mabou it was developed by researcher Brazilian Rafael Salema Marques aiming to highlight that systems OS X of Apple, which have high levels of security are not immune to threats type ransomware. Mabou specialists Symantec researcher and Apple offered a detailed analysis of the risks and the impact that a similar ransomware threat could have on OS X systems was detected Mabou as a OSX. Ransom crypt by Symantec security solutions such as Symantec Endoint Protection, Symantec experts confirming that the threat is functional.

Mabou is the first case of crypto-based ransomware file for OS X is a concept designed to demonstrate how high are threats that might be exposed to computers with these operating systems. OS X systems are considered among the safest number of threats created this world so far is low.

However, OS X is already the attention of computer hackers who have developed, for example, ransomware threats to attack these computers browsers. In 2013, researchers found Malwarebytes such a threat which was to infect via a website, computers using the Safari browser.

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