Microsoft still fires employees who worked on the Windows Phone platform


Erasing any trace of the partnership with Nokia

After the first part of this year Microsoft announced that it renounce ambitions to develop a solid business role smartphone manufacturer, the company is now a step closer to erasing any trace of the partnership with Nokia.

Signed in April 2014 agreement by which the American company give full Nokia business smart phone out of the Microsoft account the amount of $ 7.2 billion. Microsoft’s ambitions have, however, the fruits hoped for, the company had to resort to restructuring and successive rounds of layoffs at the end of which the bulk of the amount was invested last heading in the balance sheets losses.

Rams with a market share below 1% estimated for the Windows platform 10 Mobile, Microsoft officials seem to announce tacitly that have no other plans for the development of direct new smartphone models, dismissing another 2,850 employees of the division for mobile in addition to the already announced 1850 layoffs in May. Approximately 900 employees have already received dismissal notices, company representatives stated.

Thus, it remains to be seen whether the rumors regarding the launch of a so-called Surface Phone inspired Surface tablets will have a catastrophe or after Microsoft said it only aims to develop the current range of Lumia phones.

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