LG Quick Cover. LG launches phone case of an unreleased phone …


LG Quick Cover

South Koreans from LG officially launched the smartphone LG case G5 model that will debut only on February 21 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. LG entitled Quick Cover, this phone allows users to activate various functions without open it.

Constructed of a material partially transparent which allows the use of certain functions without opening screen, new housing LG Quick Cover is cropped so that the area of the screen remain visible and the user can perform a limited range of action without opening it, and taking or reject calls.

LG Quick Cover

Carcase G5 incorporates LG screen area Always ON, which remains permanently switched to display different information such as time, date, and notifications of calls and messages on social networks.

Always ON LG G5 can be a very good solution to increase the autonomy of your phone, since you will not have to activate the home screen every time you want to find out if someone called us or to see other information.

The international press claims that the decision LG to launch first case official and then the phone comes from the desire South Koreans to do as much buzz before the event 21 February, especially because the same day will see the new Samsung Galaxy S6 .

LG high hopes phone that promises top specifications and a number of interesting innovations.
Beyond G5 Always ON LG, LG G5 will come with a very interesting innovation is the first phone that will present a metal housing with a lid at the bottom that will allow removing the battery.
LG G5 will, in addition, a room with two lenses, 16 MP, a fingerprint reader and will run next-generation Snapdragon processor 820 with 3GB of RAM. The screen will be a 5.6-inch QHD resolution.

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