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lg g6

The design of the LG G6 is a big step up from the G5. They changed the weird painted steel with sleek glass. The glass panel at the back is barely curved around the rims, but the front panel is absolutely flat. I’m not surely partial to curved presentations, so the flat show is perfectly first-rate for me. LG says the flat display is much less susceptible to cracking, for what it’s really worth.

Design & Hardware

LG G6 Review

Because the reviewer cliche is going, the LG G6 “feels exceptional in the hand.” I actually imply it. There’s some thing approximately the scale, form, weight, and materials that make this telephone super ergonomic. It’s massive without feeling too huge. The small bezels manifestly play a huge part in that. speakme of weight, the G6 feels lighter than it have to, but not like a few LG phones, it doesn’t feel cheap.

Over again, LG has placed the electricity button and fingerprint scanner at the lower back of the tool. I’m a large fan of this set-up. The double-tap to free up function manner you rarely have to use the energy button, and that i opt for rear fingerprint scanners. This one can be a little small, but it’s nonetheless very speedy and correct.

Typical, the LG G6 feels great and appears incredible. It has a top rate layout and build high-quality. a few human beings notion the G5 become ugly, however I don’t think anybody would say the equal about the LG G6. It is available in white, black, and silver (our version). move for the black to get the quality bezel-less effect and also you’ve got a telephone immediately out of a Sci-Fi film.


LG G6 Review

The display at the LG G6 has a lot more occurring than your usual cellphone. First, let’s get the fundamentals out of the way. The show is 5.7-inches with 2880 x 1440 decision. It’s an lcd panel that gets truly bright, but it’s now not extremely good in direct daylight. The show has kind of a blue-ish tint to it, however you can make it warmer with the ComfortView feature.

This show is taller than your normal phone display. The G6 show has an 18:9 thing ratio. most presentations are sixteen:nine. you could see the difference while evaluating display screen decision. The LG G6 has 2880 vertical pixels, while a 16:9 display could have 2560. The result is a bigger display without making the phone wider.

A common complaint with telephones which have digital nav buttons is the nav bar takes up screen real property. they’ve a sixteen:9 show, however because the nav bar takes up a number of that area, apps can’t use the total screen. The G6 is more like a smartphone with hardware buttons. You get a full 16:nine place above the nav bar. Altogether, it equals 18:9.

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