LG G5 will be Very Different from the rest of the Phones

LG wants to catch up on the redesigned phone market so the design of the new G-series phone from LG Although accustomed us to expect the launch of a new phone after seeing what can Samsung and HTC, this year may before we see the new LG G5. And after she appeared on the Internet a rendering possible G5 rumors have emerged.

The fact is that LG G5 will be completely different from the rest of the series G. The first thing that strikes you is how to open the phone. To keep a battery that can be changed, it seems ga LG conducted a special drawer as they appear after you have removed the bottom of the phone. It is also rumored that LG gave up plastic metal. So we have a G5 LG with metal casing. I see a trend here where phone manufacturers abandon the plastic for metal and glass.

Another change to the series G is the abolition of controls on the back of the phone and move them sideways. LG has maintained a few buttons on the back of the phone was generally a kind of signature, but apparently not proved very practical. Also on the side (right) is found and microSD card slot. At the bottom of the phone is the headphone jack and USB famous C-type that you look forward.

On the back of the phone draws my attention to a fingerprint sensor and a camera. No, actually there are two rooms! I imagine that the two cameras are designed to record 3D pictures in which you can change the focus point and anything related to virtual reality that everything is in fashion now. The screen will be smaller by 0.2 inches, but the resolution will be the same which means it will have a higher pixel density. The processor will most likely join the Snapdragon 820 to 3GB of RAM. So it should go smoothly. I do not expect anything else from a top phone.

As I said at the beginning, the launch could take place in February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Or might we see even before, because LG has announced a special event on February 21 fixed the day before the conference. Will compete with the rest G5 LG smartphones this year?

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