LAST HOUR NEWS, announced by Facebook. What will happen to all posts


LAST HOUR NEWS, announced by Facebook. What will happen to all posts

Facebook Messenger, the second largest instant messaging application in the world by number of active users will get full encryption from this summer, according to sources of The Guardian .

The other popular messaging app to Facebook, WhatsApp, already receive full encryption for all communications made through it.

But unlike WhatsApp Messenger users will be able to choose whether they want their messages to be encrypted. That’s because encryption will not allow the use of services offered by the app, based on artificial intelligence bots .

Messenger has over 900 million active users each month. Complete encryption, also called encryption at both ends, the information is encrypted and locally, not just on the track, on devices that are sent and the ones you get.

The technology was explained by WhatsApp, explained when he was recently implemented in the application.

“The idea is simple: when you send a message, the only person who can read is the one whom you sent the message. Nobody can see that contains that message. No cybercriminals. Neither hackers. No oppressive regimes. Not even us. “

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