Huawei sales higher than Apple’s smartphone niche

Huawei sales

Huawei sales

Since the emergence of smartphones, Apple has immediately imposed itself on the global market and retained a very high sales share, especially in the early years. Samsung was the next company to begin to gradually bother the company’s hegemony in Cupertino, and so was the big rivalry of the mobile phone market. But this war is no longer a twofold conflict, with Chinese manufacturers having an important say in the past.

Delivering very good phones from a technical point of view, at much lower prices than their well-grounded rivals, Chinese companies quickly won ground and came to peer on Apple and Samsung. The latest proof of this is that Huawei, perhaps the most important IT company in China, claims to have overtaken the Cupertino giant in terms of market share.

According to an economic report recently published by The Economic Times, Huawei sales has more worldwide sales than its rival in California. This was confirmed even by a director of the Chinese company who clearly said that “Huawei outperformed Apple’s global sales in December.” According to the same official, Huawei sales achieved a 13.2% global market share that month, compared to the twelve percent of Apple, according to Ubergizmo.

The news is excellent for Huawei sales, a company that can be taken as a source of inspiration by other Chinese players who aspire to a bigger slice of pie. Even if it’s still written that iPhone sales have fallen below the levels Apple has been accustomed to in the past, they are expected to rebound on an upward trend with the release of iPhone 8, which economists say will bring the Californian company back to The glory of the past.

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