Huawei reinvents fast charging through some impressive demonstrations

If we can not have phones with giant battery Huawei helps us to more quickly load the batteries in future smartphones.

Idea fast charging is far from new.  Is there already several generations of Quick Charge and each of them took this performance to another level. Overall, the results are already quite spectacular. There is one major problem with the current fast charging technologies and many people do not even know of its existence. It’s much faster aging batteries charged by such a method and loss within a much shorter time ability to retain task.

Fortunately, those from Huawei Watt Lab, part of the Central Research Institute of Huawei Technology Corporation, have already demonstrated several solutions that we have to address all issues related to current technologies for fast charging. In addition, the same team of researchers has developed a system whereby certain batteries can be charged up to 50% in just a few minutes, ten times faster than conventional batteries.

In the context of the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan held a few days ago, Huawei has presented two types of lithium-ion batteries. First, only 600 mAh reached 68% in just two minutes, while the second, the 3000 mAh battery charged to 48% in 5 minutes.

To get this performance that will lead to new revolution in electronic devices,, “Huawei bound molecules hetero graphite anode. This feature acts as a catalyst, significantly increasing the speed hetero battery charging without affecting both energy density and lifetime of the battery.

Source : BBC

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