How To Bring Back ‘Touch To Search’ In Chrome For Android

How To Bring Back ‘Touch To Search’ In Chrome For Android

Touch To Search ,  which empowers clients to highlight a solitary word or line of content to in the versatile form of Chrome and in a flash quest for that content in Google, is really flawless. It was presented in the beta form of Chrome for Android rendition 38 route back in the March of a year ago. However, in the most recent adaptations of the application (counting the standard discharge), it’s been inquisitively truant for some clients.Android

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On the off chance that Touch To Search is away for you and you’d like it back, I have uplifting news. Re-empowering the element is as simple as flipping a switch in Chrome’s computerized tool compartment, the banners page. Head to chrome://banners page by entering it into the URL field, then scan for the choice called “Empower Contextual Search” (you can utilize the “Find in page” choice to look for that, or “#contextual-seek”). Empower that choice, then close Chrome and re-open it.


Once you’ve propelled the application once more, go into the Settings menu and tap “Protection.” There’s a choice at the base od the page called “Touch to Search.” Set that to “On,” and you’re ready. The component ought to now be accessible on all website pages. This ought to work for Chrome steady, beta, and dev. Appreciate!

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