Google sponge out Google Glass project


Google sponge out Google Glass project

People look suspiciously when worn and even banned in some public places, glasses Google Glass were only for a short time into the spotlight, accessory equipped with screen and camera / video being strongly criticized for the way violate the privacy of those around. Neither the massive investments in research and product development with an extensive test group of enthusiasts formed enrolled in Glass Explorer program has not given the desired results.

Initially powered by curiosity, interest shown by visitors dropped quickly after it became clear that public use of accessories is interpreted as an assault on the privacy of others. Instead of giving start of a new trend accessory worn spot suspicious glances and drew only wonder limited functionality not justify its continued use.

In a tacit acknowledgment of a catastrophic failure, Google passed to removal of all references to the Google Glass, starting with the official website of Glass Explorer program.

Google drop Google Glass project

Google drop Google Glass project


However, the disappearance from the public does not mean that Google has abandoned all ideas that gave rise to the Glass project, the technologies developed instead being recycled within another project – Google Aura. Instead of forcing widespread adoption, Google will bet on specialized accessories now customized for use in industrial environments, sports activities and driving assistance.
Google drop Google Glass project
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