Future Technology! Heating Shoes and alarm clocks with flavors!

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY! Shoes heating, humanoid robots and alarm clocks with flavors!

The biggest event of early technology, CES 2016 in Las Vegas that takes place 6-9 January gave rise to a series of launches of devices funny, strange or think about the future, besides products improving existing market categories.


Zhor-Tech French company presented a model of shoe whose temperature can be adjusted using a mobile application. The shoe, called Smartshoe 001, measures the number of steps with greater accuracy than fitness bracelets that are currently in vogue. One of the models the company has laces shoes that link alone, reports USA Today.

Helix Cuff Bracelet looks like a fitness or a SmartWatch complicated, but it’s a bluff, because only an iPhone headphone storage compartment and a trench into which the thread. According to Bloomberg, the manufacturers say it is intended “futuristic fashion-loving people interested in digital devices.”

Fashion designer Maria Pinto Orduz has developed a dress in reflective material, luminescent decorated with flowers made from a 3D printer, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Columbian designer says that the dress has high manufacturing costs, about $ 1,000, but hopes that these costs will decline further, due to improved technologies used.

NPR tells Pepper, a wheeled robot, but human appearance, which measures a little over 1 meter 20 that interacts well with people. Pepper is capable of simple dialogues with people, knows how to present and dancing on request. Rodolphe Gelin, Aldebaran representative Japanese company, which manufactured the robot, says: “At the moment, if you want Pepper, who want to have fun”

Bacco is another similar case, but specialized liaise between parents and children. It has only about 15 centimeters and recorded messages from adults, which they pass on to children.

It costs only $ 100, says CNBC, and more so in pairs. They LED red, green and blue lights that create combinations that fit the mood of the user. So-called “smart friendship bracelets” are manufactured by Gemio and can be synchronized with those of friends, thinking that amends the lights depending on their presence at a distance of less than 30 meters. Bracelets are beacons of hermits and by gestures or pointing to an object whose color light signal can be programmed to match.

USA Today reports Sensor Wake wakes you up not with a bell, but with scents of roses, coffee or choice. Looks like a clock, and the flavors are triggered clock is loaded cartridges in the evening. USA Today reports that, for sleepy if they do not wake up because of the flavor and triggers an audible alarm clock.

All USA Today reports that LaCie LaCie introduced at CES Chrome, an external SSD memory comic homage to the sculpture of Constantin Brancusi 1935. LaCie Chrome can store 1TB of data and according to the manufacturer, is the fastest on the market today: can store 940 Mbits / second of data, USB 3.1-compliant Gen 2.

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