Could a dog fly a plane? Experiment

A tv series within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can train the country’s most intelligent pooches to require management of the cockpit with the aim of discovering if they willreally fly.

This follows AN experiment in New Seeland wherever 3 dogs were trained to start out a automobile, drive for seventy meters and convey it to a stop. however however can they manage the throttle and rudder of a plane?


“We certainly know that dogs are hugely bright and trainable – often more capable than we think,” Ms Hawkins said. “The series looks to find an answer to that question, in a safe and controlled way, which is enjoyable for the dogs. As training progresses, we’re looking forward to seeing if it might be possible for a dog to take control of an aircraft.”

But how is this show going to take off with dogs not being hurt in the process?

“Of course it [a dog] couldn’t do this alone and, should we reach that stage, safety, well-being and the happiness of the animals would remain central to the project, as is the safety of the public, so the dog would be accompanied by a professional pilot and trainers,” says Caroline Hawkins.


Currently, a quest goes on within the UK for the neatest dogs World Health Organization are going to be assessed on their levels of communication, empathy, memory and reasoning. Some possibletests embrace finding hidden treats and selecting a uniform toy that has been treated otherwise.


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