Break the Prison New Game from Candy Mobile Team

Break the Prison New Game from Candy Mobile Team

It is a very nice action game where you have to escape from prison following conviction for crimes you did not commit

The game is even more interesting because the hero (you) is a very skilled mechanical engineer.

The team from Candy Mobile, have made this game a good virtual experience through colorful images and the multitude of utensils and ideas that can help you escape from prison.

Game Features:
– Mind-bending puzzles plus addictive action game-play
– Chilling atmosphere and beautiful visuals
– 40+ challenging levels in 8 different themed cells

Users who downloaded the game have a very good first impression about this game, and this is clear from the good reviews that have been granted so far.
Although you will reach the point where you do not know what to do at certain stages, but in total it is a good experience to play. We recommend that you try this game.

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