A Brazilian hacker arrested by the authorities : High-level blackmail

A Brazilian hacker arrested by the authorities : High-level blackmail

Brazilian police arrested three people accused of breaking into the Internet accounts of the Acting President of Brazil wife and attempted extortion after they stole nude photographs, newspaper reported Thursday Folha de S.Paulo quoted by Reuters. According to the newspaper, police arrested him hacker and his wife and his sister in law Wednesday. A police spokesman declined to comment, saying the investigation is ongoing, according to Agerpres.

Marcela Temer, aged 32 years and former beauty queen, the wife of Vice President Michel Temer, 75, became Thursday the president of the largest countries in Latin America after President Dilma Rousseff was suspended from duty until six months being investigated for breaking the budget.

Presumptive hacker, a former roofer roofing was able to access Marcela’s mobile phone and Internet accounts 30 days ago, according to the newspaper.

The brazilian hacker, his wife and his sister tried to extort money from family members Temer, also reported Folha, which was not named, notes Reuters.

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