Booty Butt Routine – best android app

Butt Routine

Booty Butt Routine – best android app

Fitness Workout for a Bigger Booty Butt works, and you can get even more dramatic results, faster, if you hold onto weights while you do these exercises (where applicable). For example, on the static squats or ski squat marches, holding weights just above your shoulders will increase the demand on the glutes, which can help make them more round and shapely.

✓Workout Structure & Exercises:
We have different exercises, and we do three rounds of the entire routine.
✓Stutter Step Pulls – Holding a half squat through all of the repetitions will have your glutes and thighs burning by the end. Adding the arm motions in bumps up the cardiovascular benefit and calorie burn a bit.
✓Static Ski Squat March – Hold weights right above your shoulders while you march in that squat in order to make the exercise harder and increase the size of your butt.
✓How often should I do this routine?
Doing this routine between 3-4 times a week is a good start to getting a rounder butt and burning a lot of extra calories while you’re at it. We also recommend that you mix up the training that you do – examples of good routines that target the same muscle groups in different ways are our Booty Boot Camp, Fitness Butt Lifting Workouts, and our Curvy Body Workout (to name just a few).


★ Remember, if your muscles are sore, give them a rest by doing just cardio or a routine that targets the upper body.

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