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BlackBerry launched recently Priv its first smartphone based on the Android operating system, but the Canadian company will not wait to weigh the success of this model before launching the second. Although prima facie it does not seem to be a resounding success, plan to launch several terminals with Android going forward, and Vienna seems to be the second model will hit the market. It comes with a new design seems to reach the public wishing to type using hardware exclusively.

Terminal Vienna has not been announced officially, but this image is already available on the internet. They describe a classic BlackBerry smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard positioned below the display. It is always visible and can not be hidden under the display like sliding model Priv. The company seems to have opted for even physical navigation buttons, something that has not been seen inception Android operating system.

It is unclear when this new terminal will be revealed and if we get a release date too soon, but given that media images are ready, it may be in an advanced stage of development. The technical specifications are not yet available, but we will certainly have to deal with a more modest in terms of performance, which could bring the price below. Until the official announcement of the new phone images remains with Vienna.


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