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✓ Your gym has no Squat Rack or Bench ?
✓ Your gym has only smith machines ?
✓ You want a home gym but you’re low on budget ?
✓ You want a home gym but you lack space ?


✓Workout Structure & Exercises:
We have different exercises, and we do three rounds of the entire routine.
✓Stutter Step Pulls – Holding a half squat through all of the repetitions will have your glutes and thighs burning by the end. Adding the arm motions in bumps up the cardiovascular benefit and calorie burn a bit.
✓Static Ski Squat March – Hold weights right above your shoulders while you march in that squat in order to make the exercise harder and increase the size of your butt.
✓How often should I do this routine?
Doing this routine between 3-4 times a week is a good start to getting a rounder butt and burning a lot of extra calories while you’re at it. We also recommend that you mix up the training that you do – examples of good routines that target the same muscle groups in different ways are our Booty Boot Camp, Fitness Butt Lifting Workouts, and our Curvy Body Workout (to name just a few).
Train at home with what you have. Without a power rack & bench.
Strength training with only one barbell.
Here’s the week’s plan :

✓ Monday: Love Your Body HIIT + Bikini Abs + Blogilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 1
✓ Tuesday: Cupid Cardio + Bikini Yoga + Blogilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 2
✓ Wednesday: StairMill Workout + Love Your Body Routine + Blogilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 3
✓ Thursday: 2 miles of cardio (elliptical) + Love Your Arms & Abs + Blogilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 4
✓ Friday: Jump Your Heart Out Workout + Love Your Total Body 2 + Blogilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 5
✓ Saturday: Body Combat (24 Hour Fitness) + Blogilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 6
✓ Sunday: Sunday Runday (5K incline treadmill walk) + Bloglilates 30-Day Butt Challenge Day 7

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