Apple Virtual Keyboard will have “lighted symbols illuminate QWERTY”


Apple Virtual Keyboard “Lighted symbols illuminate QWERTY”

It seems that Apple is still critical about exploring the concept of a few form of fully virtual keyboard for its notebooks – or possibly a wholly new hybrid tool – if a freshly up to date patent is whatever to head via.
Apple Virtual Keyboard

Notice that this isn’t a new patent: Apple first filed a patent for a MacBook apple virtual keyboard with a full digital keyboard way returned in 2011, and what Patently Apple has just noticed is a continuation application for that patent which provides new claims, and shows that Tim cook dinner’s company continues to be actively exploring the concept.

One of the updated patent claims now talks of “an electronic device comprising: a housing that bureaucracy a reconfigurable input floor configured to obtain person touch enter in a plurality of various input modes”.

A in addition one mentions that stated electronic tool can have apple virtual keyboard “lighted symbols illuminate a QWERTY keyboard pattern on the reconfigurable input floor in one of the plurality of input modes.”

So is this sincerely in addition proof of a potential MacBook toting a virtual keyboard? There are several things to endure in thoughts right here, the primary of that’s that that is just Apple tweaking a patent, and as all of us know, this stuff don’t necessarily undergo any relation to merchandise in actual development.

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Of direction, you could argue that the truth Apple has already taken the step of introducing the contact Bar to the MacBook suggests that it’s definitely serious approximately this sort of context-touchy keyboard wizardry.

And whilst there are rumors that Apple is indeed planning a dynamic, transforming apple virtual keyboard for the MacBooks (and its Magic Keyboard) that are launching as soon as subsequent 12 months, those precise apple virtual keyboard will use e-ink keys that morph into exceptional layouts; there’ll still be physical keys, and the plan isn’t for a flat virtual keyboard.

Patently Apple’s own idea is that in place of the MacBook, this patenting ought to pertain to a new hybrid device the employer is making plans – a fresh spin at the iPad, with any other latest patent having been filed for a smart cover sporting a digital keyboard.

On the hybrid principle, Apple is perhaps drawing some inspiration from the latest Lenovo Yoga e-book with its Halo Keyboard, boasting digital capacitive keys with haptic feedback. right here at TechRadar, we were surprised via how accurate we located typing in this tool.

In the long run, though, this is all speculative. despite the fact that the hybrid tool honestly appears an interesting guess, given that pushing for a full digital keyboard at the MacBook seems a majorly volatile step to soak up terms of the community’s response. at the least in the near destiny: the e-ink keyboard might seem like a much much more likely prospect for Apple’s notebooks inside the shorter time period.

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