Android Nougat. Google’s new operating system


 Android Nougat . Google will launch in August a new version for the Android OS

Officials IT giant announced via the network Snapchat, the new version will be called Android Nougat. The first phones that will run the software will be the range Nexus alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet will be released, probably next month.

Android Nougat Android-Nougat-Google

Android so far known as N, ‘s new operating system will carry forward the tradition of “sweet names.” Without specifying whether the chosen name comes from a user or was chosen internally, Google announced that Android is Android N Nougat.

The international press says that the name seems to have been inspired by a suggestion made by a journalist, on Twitter, inspired behalf of their cats.

Nougat Android Android was announced under the name N in March and is currently in beta and official launch is scheduled for August.

Version includes a number of updates and changes, including multitasking with Multi-Window, which enables an application running on the same screen, in parallel, the two applications. An idea that will operate in a manner similar to the system’s split-screen on Windows 10.

Another novelty is the Picture-in-Picture function that allows running a separate video windows celealte applications. This can be changed on user preferences, ideal for those with Android smart TVs.

Nougat Android brings also a new notification system, users can, for example, respond to comments on social networks directly from the notifications shade, not to open apps for Facebook, Twitter etc.

Another application is the one that allows creating groups of notifications, “Bundle Notifications”, which will be contained in a single element that can be expanded to access individual notifications.

Also Nougat will improve energy management system, called Dose, and simplify how notifications are displayed.

With the new version, Google put up his own platform and virtual reality. Named Daydream, it is built right into the Android community.

Beyond the visual changes, the system presents a number of detail optimizations, which offers increased speed and reduce power consumption of the gadget that is run.

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